In 1982, 23-year-old Julie Moss decided to compete in an Ironman Triathlon for “research” purposes for her graduate thesis on exercise physiology. Although this was her first time competing in an Ironman triathlon, she held a minutes-long lead in the race until she collapsed just a few yards from the finish line. Kathleen McCartney eventually passed Julie and won first place, but she was so confused by the end of the race that she didn’t even know that she had won first place until a medal was being placed around her neck. Julie, unable to stand up and walk, crawled her way to the finish line to get second place. You can watch the incredible footage of this historic event here.This was The Crawl that started a multi-trillion dollar movement. TRILLION. After the 1982 Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii aired on nationwide TV, a movement was born. The natural health, wellness, and fitness LIFESTYLE MOVEMENT now generates more money than the pharmaceutical industry. That means more money is being spent on organic foods, non-toxic skincare, boutique fitness, athleisure clothing, Ironmans, Tough Mudders, Ragnar Relays, herbal and nutritional supplements, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga than what is being spent on pharmaceutical products.Big Pharma is afraid — VERY AFRAID. That’s why they’ve been funding nutritional studies that try and confuse health-conscious individuals into consuming the very foods that will cause them to develop chronic diseases and become reliant on pharmaceutical products for life. For instance, last month a DIABETES DRUG MANUFACTURER published a study that “concluded” that replacing carbohydrates, saturated fat, and monounsaturated fat with VEGETABLE OIL will help you control your blood sugar and prevent diabetes. Anyone with an IQ over 85 ought to smell a rat here. Why would a company that profits from you getting diabetes be interested in helping you prevent diabetes? Answer: They aren’t. This sinister company is just hoping you will read the news headlines that a high fat/low carb diet prevents diabetes (and carbohydrates cause it), and change your diet accordingly without investigating who funded the study and how researchers arrived at this conclusion. My advice: Stay far, far away from polyunsaturated vegetable oils like corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil, margarine, and all the other industrial seed oils. Be skeptical of anyone who claims that whole foods based carbohydrates and saturated fats (AKA potatoes and butter) cause disease, especially if they can’t cite primary research on humans to back up their claims.The status quo has already shifted and it’s now more profitable to help people stay well and even achieve optimal health (not just the absence of disease) than it is to sell lies that make people get sick and stay sick. I offer a variety of lab tests, personalized supplement protocols, and nutrition plans aimed at helping you feel your best and achieve your best. Chronic stress, aging, environmental pollution, frequent travel, artificial lighting, EMF exposure, and other modern-day phenomena can prevent you from experiencing optimal wellness without making you sick enough to have a diagnosable disease — especially if you’re living a moderately healthy lifestyle. This is where functional lab tests and targeted treatment protocols can provide the missing links between being “not diseased” and having all day energy, performing at your best, having a calm and focused mind, achieving your perfect body composition, and sleeping like a baby every night.

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