Plant Powered Paleo

Discover what the true “paleo” diet actually was, based on archaeological evidence. Hint: Humans ate a diet high in carbohydrates from starchy tubers, roots, and fruits!

Optimal Blood Blueprint

How To Interpret Your Blood Tests For Optimal Levels.

Dr. Valter Longo's Fasting Mimicking Diet

A 5-day PLANT-BASED meal kit that activates the body’s natural ability to REPAIR, REGENERATE, AND REJUVENATE ITSELF and promote longevity. Use once a month to simulate fasting. Eliminates chronic pain, clears the body of diseased cells, reduces biological age.

DUTCH Cycle Mapping

The most accurate way to map out the estrogen and progesterone patterns throughout your cycle

DUTCH Complete Hormone Testing + Phone Consultation

The DUTCH method of complete hormone testing provides more accurate and clinically meaningful results than salivary and serum blood hormone testing.

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