Nutrition Consultation + 30 Day Fat Loss Meal Plan



Nearly 80% of Americans are now overweight (too high body fat percentage) and it’s not because of a lack of willpower. Many who are chronically overweight consciously try to monitor their food intake, but every time they are able to successfully lose the weight, it comes right back with a vengeance. (For many, a weight loss of 20 pounds brings on a subsequent weight gain of 30 pounds, making “dieting” counterproductive.)

Why does this happen? In most individuals, the bodyweight “setpoint” (the weight at which the body naturally gravitates towards) is set too high as a result of a combination of different factors — exposure to highly palatable processed foods; exposure to antibiotics, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds; sleep restriction; and circadian rhythm disruption. Weight loss diets can bring about temporary weight loss by decreasing calorie intake to a level that is lower than calorie expenditure. However, such diets do not lower the body’s setpoint, which is why hunger eventually overrides the plan and all the weight is gained back. Yo-yo dieting can actually raise the body’s setpoint weight.

I help my weight loss clients by teaching them the strategies that effectively lower the body’s setpoint weight so fat loss occurs with ease — without experiencing hunger and cravings. These strategies are backed up by science as well as traditional wisdom. Your custom meal plan will be based upon whole foods with specific macronutrient and micronutrient ratios that promote satiety as well as metabolic healing. In addition to what you will be eating, my approach also includes meal timing strategies, habits that promote leanness, personalized physical activity suggestions, and sleep optimization strategies.


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