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“In this online course, you will learn how to test your DNA and then DECODE your raw genetic data to understand what it all means for your health and how you can “turn off” bad genes and “turn on” good genes with CUTTING-EDGE nutrition & lifestyle hacks!” – Dr. Jamie Koonce, L.Ac., DACM, Dipl.OM

Other materials in this fun and interactive online course include:

How to test yourself for insulin resistance, which is the #1 cause of age-related disease, weight gain (especially around the midsection), erratic energy levels, and accelerated aging.

The most essential plant-based food in the biohacker’s kitchen arsenal (and why)

Improving your metabolism with quality sleep (simple sleep biohacks)

How to track your nutrient intake using a simple method (no calculator required)

A 5-day strategy to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight (more info on that later…)

One thing to do daily that can dramatically reduce cancer risk (so easy, anyone can do it)

The genes and alleles involved in the metabolism of dietary fats, proteins, and carbohydratesThe type and amount of dietary fat you should eat and avoid for your genotype

Health conditions you are at risk for if you get too much or too little of particular micronutrients, according to your genotype

Which foods to eat to get the micronutrients you need for your optimal genetic expression

Which foods to avoid to “turn off” genes that can make you sick and overweight

Also included in the online course are monthly Q&A webinars with Dr. Jamie Koonce in which we discuss a variety of timely topics that are of interest to Biohacking School members. Each session is recorded and uploaded into the course for your reference. Topics we have discussed so far (which are included as replays in the course) include:

Ketogenic diets (Pros and Cons)

Exogenous Ketones (Uses, Research, Benefits, Best Sources)

Intermittent Fasting (Benefits and Various Techniques)

Lectins (Friend or Foe?)

Cooking Equipment

Fruit Vs. Soft Drinks and Juice

Thyroid Health, Autoimmune Disease


By becoming a Lifetime Member of Biohacking School, you will:

  • Be “in the know” on useful biohacks before they go mainstream.
  • Get the information and support you need to improve your health.
  • Save time wading through research studies by having Dr. Jamie do all this for you.
  • Be part of a community of biohackers like yourself who are committed to cutting through the hype and finding the truth about nutrition, supplements, medical foods, etc.
  • Learn fascinating things about genomics, the microbiome, the inflammasome, the root cause of common health conditions, and more!


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