I’m giving away free copies of my latest book, Plant-Powered Paleo, to N=1 Experimenters who are willing to measure their blood glucose and their microbiome before and after implementing the dietary changes explained in the book. All you need is a glucometer and two uBiome test kits. You can get a 15% discount on your uBiome test kits with this link.

You can expect to lose weight if you are overweight, as well as improve your blood glucose control while you are following the plan in Plant-Powered Paleo. If you are an athlete, you may experience enhanced performance. Even if you are already eating a paleo diet, low carb diet, or gluten free diet, you can expect to see improvements on Plant-Powered Paleo. To get the book for free, all you have to do is email me with proof of purchase of your uBiome kits for before and after testing of your microbiome (AKA the microbes living in your gut) and confirm that you either already own a glucometer or are willing to get one. (I recommend this one that is compatible with your iPhone.) Instructions for measuring your blood glucose are included in the book.