Annual Telemedicine Membership

Get UNLIMITED functional medicine & nutrition coaching with Dr. Jamie for an entire year.

In-depth telemedicine consultations with Dr. Jamie Koonce, cutting edge functional lab testing, unlimited heath coaching & support, personalized nutrition recommendations, and more. The doctor of the future is here, and she authentically cares that you succeeed in your health journey.

Membership Includes:

  • In-depth 60 – 90 minute phone consultation with Dr. Jamie Koonce, DACM
  • Four 30 minute follow-up visits throughout the year whenever you need them
  • Unlimited email access to Dr. Koonce  for coaching, motivation, and answers to any quick health or nutrition related questions
  • Full access to Dr. Koonce’s online dispensary for discounts on professional-grade supplements, pesticide-free and sulfite-free herbs, medical foods and medical detox, and cannabidiol (CBDs)
  • Personalized nutrition, supplement, and herbal protocol with refills whenever you need them
  • Schedule an appointment or request a refill with a simple email message
  • Access to accurate functional lab tests that must be ordered by a licensed healthcare provider (not available on direct-to-consumer websites)
  • Complimentary phlebotomy services in your home at your convenience (available in most major US cities)

How It Works:

  1. Become a member.
  2. Fill out the intake form that will be sent to you after you purchase your annual membership.
  3. Dr. Koonce will contact you when she has received your intake form and had time to give it her thorough attention. (This is usually within 48 hours after you have submitted your form.) You will then be able to set up your first phone consultation where Dr. Koonce will address the most pertinent health issues that you are dealing with in a holistic manner, recommend the most appropriate lab tests for discovering any underlying biomarker imbalances, and order the lab tests you decide upon together. The average length of time for the initial phone consultation is 75 minutes.
  4. Lab tests involving saliva, urine, stool, or bloodspot samples are mailed to your address for home specimen collection. Detailed instructions will be included and you will mail your specimen to the lab for analysis. Lab tests involving a blood draw can be done two different ways. In most major cities, a phlebotomist can meet you at your home or office at a time of your convenience for the procedure. If you live outside a major city, Dr. Koonce will send you to the nearest collection facility such as a Labcorp. You will be given a requisition form to bring to the collection facility so they will know what tests are being done.
  5. When your test results are ready, Dr. Koonce will contact you to set up your second phone consultation. Dr. Koonce will send you your lab test results and go over them in detail to make sure you understand what the results mean. A treatment/wellness plan will be created for you based on your unique needs and goals.
  6. Dr. Koonce doesn’t leave you hanging. You will receive unlimited email coaching, nutritional recommendations, “check-ins,” and answers to your health-related questions. You also get 3 more phone consultations with your membership!

Are you ready to get on the road to better health?