Since consulting with clients from all over the world about various health concerns, I have noticed one common theme that comes up in the majority of cases. That theme is the mistaken belief that preventable health problems are caused by a lack of willpower, and this often causes the client to feel guilty or embarrassed by their health issue. For instance, many individuals feel like it’s their own fault for making poor dietary choices, not exercising, not getting enough sleep, gaining weight, and feeling unhappy about their life. They feel like they’d be healthier, happier, and more fit if they just had more willpower.

I maintain the position that willpower has very little do with whether you eat the chocolate cake or not, exercise every day or not, go to bed at a decent hour or not, and feel happy about your life or not. We all have about the same amount of willpower, and it tends to dwindle as the day goes on. (This is why it’s harder to resist the big slice of chocolate cake at 8:00 PM than it is to resist it at 8:00 AM, and also why it’s much easier to exercise at 8:00 AM than at 8:00 PM.)

What I’m getting at here is that it’s your daily routine and your environment that make all the difference in whether you make decisions that promote good health, fitness, optimal body composition, and happiness or decisions that promote poor health, weight gain, and unhappiness. A job that requires you to be sedentary all day in a room devoid of natural sunlight, an environment that causes you to suffer from aches and pains, having to be “on” all the time and unable to relax, being so busy that you don’t have time to cook, eat, sleep, and exercise, and participating in a social network that thrives on gossip, keeping up with the Joneses, and superficial connections are all much bigger causes of making bad health decisions than a simple lack of willpower.

This is why becoming location independent is the ultimate remedy for the majority of lifestyle-related health problems. And with the technology available to us these days, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. You can learn a portable skill (such as teaching yoga, tutoring students in English, or doing acupuncture), telecommute, self-publish your own books, rent out your house or apartment, or live off the compound interest from your investments. If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, for example, you could spend the Winter months living in a furnished luxury apartment (with WiFi, city views, and a pool) in Bangkok, Thailand for $600/month or less. You could also live in a Bed & Breakfast on the beach (with mangos and coconuts growing in your backyard) in Managua, Nicaragua for $325/month. If hot summers and humidity are not your thing, you could stay in a quiet cabin in Kilkenny, Ireland for $500/month. This health strategy could also save you money on taxes. If you’re a United States citizen, you won’t have to pay taxes on the first $100,800 per year earned while living outside the USA. This alone could make up for the expenses of traveling abroad for a few months.

If you think becoming location independent might be your ticket to a healthier and happier lifestyle, I can help you take action on this idea. The best time to develop a plan and start taking action is right now — not “someday.”

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