This is the time of year that your health is most likely to take a downward plunge if you aren’t proactive about taking intense time out for self-care. The days will continue to get shorter until December 22, so over the next couple of months ideally your workload should also get a little lighter. Those extra hours of darkness are for self-care, sleep, introspection, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying the abundance of your “harvest” from all the hustling you did earlier in the year!

With fewer hours of daylight and more gloomy, cloudy days during the next few months, you may find yourself feeling sentimental, uninspired, sad, fearful, depressed, or more or less social than usual. You may have the urge to bake lots of treats, or you may not feel like doing anything in the kitchen at all. These are all totally normal reactions to receiving less light from the sun, and I don’t believe any of these changes in emotions or energy should be medicalized or medicated. You can, however, transform these emotions and boost your mental and physical energy through paying attention to crucial aspects of your self-care. Here are a few suggestions based on Chinese Medicine and modern research.

1. Just as the trees begin to lose their leaves in the fall, you should thoroughly clean out your pantry and get rid of processed food that is “dead” or does not promote optimal health. Replace all that lifeless food with ONLY the healthy things. If decreasing your workload means spending less time in the kitchen this Winter, be sure to have ready-made meals on hand that are 100% nourishing and 0% depleting. Some of my favorite “ready-made” items include:
a) Wild Alaskan Salmon Bacon and Sausage
b) The best kale chips in the world
c) Sugar Detox meal delivery
d) Rosemary & Garlic Chicken Bone Broth  (use code “sippingbroth” for 15% discount by Oct. 31)
e) Tomato & Clove Beef Bone Broth (use cose “sippingbroth” for 15% discount by Oct. 31)

2. Get a Human Charger light therapy device. This helps entrain your circadian rhythm to make it easier to get up and going in the mornings when it’s still dark outside. It will also help promote a positive mood. The light goes directly into your ears, so this device is MUCH more effective than light therapy lamps that can also harm your eyes.

3. Use exogenous ketones to fuel your body and brain instead of sugar. Humans naturally produced ketones for thousands of years as an alternate energy source when glucose wasn’t available. Now that modern conveniences have caused us to have food available 24/7, most Americans have bodies that have “forgotten” how to produce ketones. This is one reason why there has been such a rise in neurological and metabolic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis, over the past century. Exogenous ketones can help remind your body how to use an alternate (and more efficient) fuel for energy.

Need More Support?

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