How To Hack Your Gut Health & Finally Overcome Chronic Digestive Issues, Fatigue, and Brain Fog

with this science-based diet & lifestyle blueprint


“In this online course, you will learn how to test your GUT MICROBIOME & DIGESTIVE FUNCTION and then RESTORE your gut health by increasing microbiome diversity, sealing leaky gut lining, and fueling your mitochondria (the energy powerhouses of your cells). This involves a dietary, lifestyle, and supplement blueprint that is backed by scientific research and clinical studies.”

Dr. Jamie Koonce

Dear Gut Hacker,

Thank you so much for being a part of Gut Hacking School and playing such a crucial role in the development of this course. Over the past month, we have covered a lot of material in the course:

  • How to order a non-invasive test for gut pathogens, inflammatory bowel disease, nutrient malabsorption, lack of beneficial microbes, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), leaky gut, and other increasingly common gut conditions (no doctor visits or painful procedures required)
  • Why you might be unknowingly destroying your microbiome with antibiotics every day (even if your food says antibiotic-free on the label)
  • Which foods to avoid that encourage the growth of pathogenic species of bacteria associated with IBS, IBD, obesity, and diabetes (PDFs of supporting science research included)
  • Which foods to eat to grow a healthy microbiome and seal up leaky gut lining (more info on that later…)
  • The truth about the role of fruit in the diet when you’re trying to heal (most “gut healing” programs get this wrong)

So far, we’ve only dipped our toes in the water.

Future modules of Gut Hacking School include SUPPLEMENT protocols, SKINCARE strategies, BRAIN HACKING, and “how to” guides for sourcing high-quality foods & constructing satisfying meals.

I’m producing more modules for Gut Hacking School, with content that is guided by the feedback you and your classmates provided during the beta test period. This course is being built to provide you with LIFE-CHANGING, SCIENCE-BASED information with ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES for healing your gut, as well as lots of SUPPORT from me so that there will not have to be any guesswork or unanswered questions.

Here are just a few TOPICS that will be covered in the complete version of Gut Hacking School:

  •  How to construct gut-healing meals that keep you feeling satisfied for hours (without feeling bloated)
  • My complete Rolodex of food suppliers for high-quality, seasonally grown, pesticide-free foods
  • Fruit Cheat-Sheets: Photo Identification of Rare Fruits, Taste, Healing Qualities, Where to Find, Ripening Guide
  • Gut Hacker Recipes & Example Menus
  • Brain Hacks
  • Chinese Herbal Formulas (with a focus on pattern recognition)
  • Ayurvedic Herbal Formulas (with a focus on dosha imbalances)
  • Medical Foods (PDFs of scientific research studies included)
  • Supporting a healthy SKIN MICROBIOME
  • LIFESTYLE HABITS that benefit a healthy gut microbiome

You’ll learn how to make your own GUT-HEALING non-dairy milks, non-dairy yogurts, oil-free salad dressings, sauces, and dips, savory entrees like chili, tacos, Buddha bowls, and wraps, and of course essential skills like constructing satisfying, healthy meals without a recipe or a bunch of time on your hands.

But that’s not all.

In addition to adding more course content and creating future courses, I will be doing Live Video Group Coaching for Gut-Hacking School members.

Every month, I’ll be available to answer all your questions or go more in-depth on a topic of interest to the group. All group coaching sessions will be recorded, so you can watch the replay on your own time. The first coaching session will be in March, on a date and time that works best with the majority of members in the group.

I’ll also be active in the Exclusive Paid Members Only Facebook Group to answer all your questions and occasionally post links to research studies and other interesting things I uncover while perusing Pubmed with a propellor hat on.

Obviously I can’t do all of this for free. Gut Hacking School will be presented to the general public for a fee of $2000, which includes lifetime access to the course, all additional modules, the exclusive facebook community, and the live group coaching sessions.

But I’m offering SPECIAL PRICING and a SPECIAL BONUS to you as a Beta Tester!

Not only will you have LIFETIME access to Gut Hacking School and all additional modules and coaching sessions, but you will also get these FAST ACTION BONUSES:

Bonus #1: Beta tester access to every other online course & guided transformational experience Dr. Jamie creates for you.

Bonus #2: Private 15-Minute Consultation with Dr. Jamie.

Bonus #3: A curated Gut Hacker’s Box filled with rare seasonal & organically grown tropical fruits, gut healing supplements, and other microbiome-supporting goodies hand-picked just for you by Dr. Jamie. (Your fruit will be freeze-dried if you live outside the USA due to perishability of fresh fruit.)

As A Lifetime Member You Will:

  • Heal & Restore Your Gut Health & Microbiome using a Science-Based, Research-Backed Protocol
  • Separate Truths From Myths in Nutrition for Gut Health & Achieving a Lean, Strong Physique
  • Save time wading through research studies, sorting fact from fiction in the health news headlines, scratching your head over the safety and usefulness of particular supplements, and sourcing the best gut-healing foods by having Dr. Jamie in your pocket.
  • Be part of a community of  Gut Hackers like yourself who are committed to cutting through the hype and finding the truth about nutrition for gut health, supplements, medical foods, etc.
  • Discover Facinating Truths about the Anti-Inflammatory, Gut-Healing, Anti-Aging, Mitochondrial Regenerating, Anti-Viral, Energizing, Endurance-Boosting, Muscle Strengthening Benefits of Rare Fruits (and where you can find them)!

Deadline to Get This Special: September 1st, 2019

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