Biohacking School

An online course on hacking your genes for fat loss, anti-aging, and optimal health!

Discover how to:

– Reach your ideal body weight without struggle by identifying which foods you should be eating (or avoiding) based on YOU and not some diet book or fad.

– Discover how to use a common $20 device to blast belly fat and have more energy.

– Implement one simple food hack scientifically proven to make you look more attractive.

– Find out whether caffeine, alcohol, and cannabis help or hinder your health and performance, based on your genetics.

– Fix your body’s internal clocks to remedy insomnia, fatigue, and junk food cravings.

– Activate the longevity gene.

– Turn off thrifty “fat genes.”

– Discover a simple urine test that can help you detect a hormonal imbalance that might be making you fat, tired, moody, or anxious.

– Learn whether you have an “emotional eating gene” and do the simple steps to turn this gene off.

– Learn the genetic reasons behind unhealthy food cravings and how to redirect those into cravings for healthy foods.

– Have mental clarity and focus without stimulants.

– Use a simple meal timing strategy to look more youthful, prevent cancer, and feel like a million bucks.

– Discover if you have the “warrior gene” or the “worrier gene,” and how this influences your neurotransmitters and ability to function under stress.

– Bonus: Learn specific, uncommonly known, nutritional and lifestyle strategies that may extend your health span and lifespan.

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