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Functional Medicine solves the big problems in healthcare. It puts the doctor-patient relationship back into the hands of doctors and patients, and out of the hands of insurance and government. Functional Medicine also investigates and addresses the “root cause” of disease instead of just masking the symptoms with pills. A functional medicine doctor places a strong emphasis on the role of nutrition, lifestyle, spirituality, and community in health outcomes.

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Don’t just guess – Test. Dr. Jamie can source almost any functional medicine lab test or conventional blood test for you. Those listed in this website do not require an in-person office visit. Yes, we do things differently around here because it’s 2017 (not 1917) and we know you’re busy!

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Get acupuncture in your living room! Eases stress, releases feel-good endorphins, relieves pain, and stimulates healing processes in the body. Includes Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and herbal recommendations. Available for residents and visitors to the Hot Springs National Park area.

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Biohacking is the practice of understanding your own physiology and improving your health through scientifically grounded methods of nutrition, meditation, activities, technologies, and specific techniques that may utilize energy, sound, light, cold, or heat.

Biohacking School teaches you how to hack your genes for weight loss, optimal health, and longevity.

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Splendid Spoon Review

What is Splendid Spoon? Splendid Spoon is a plant-based meal delivery service that provides you with smoothies, soups, grain bowls, and juice shots each week. All the meals are gluten-free and vegan (no meat, fish, poultry, eggs, or dairy). Can you customize your...

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How to Customize Your Meals Based on Your Gut Microbiome

How to Customize Your Meals Based on Your Gut Microbiome

Pop quiz! Which is healthier: white rice, brown rice, or cauliflower "rice"? This is a heavily debated question among healthcare practitioners because (as with anything related to nutrition, supplements, medications, exercise, etc.) there are pros and cons to each...

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The Truth About the Carnivore Diet

The Truth About the Carnivore Diet

While the food industry has caught on to the increased demand for low-carb, “keto,” or vegan junk food items, and has responded by slapping these terms on their products as a means to trick consumers into thinking these foods are healthy, a new dietary fad has emerged...

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